/ UN IGF Youth Ambassador For Indonesia in Jakarta, Indonesia

Agita Pasaribu is Founder of and Lead APAC’s Representative of TaC-Together Against Cybercrime International, as well as the UN Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Ambassador for Indonesia.

Agita has been advocating for progressive youth-related policies at a number of diplomatic and international forums and have contributed to empowerment initiatives through youth-led non-profits within ASEAN and globally for over 8 years.

Invited to speak at TEDxTalk about her informal academic experiences in 26 countries, she reads Criminal Law at Universitas Indonesia and an Asia-Europe scholar from the Asia Europe Institute, University of Malaya, where she holds her M.A in International Relations-ASEAN Studies focusing on open data policy, open government partnership, cyberspace in Southeast Asia.

Known as Cyber-law consultant, her biggest interests are utilizing technology to solve deep social issues worldwide and benefiting the most vulnerable in society. She is passionate in developing IT projects for Social Good, which includes technology implementations for children, youth, women empowerment, education, digital literacy and dignity.

Currently part of Humanitarian Affairs Working Group Member at the UN Major Group for Children & Youth, ITU Children Protect Online Member, WHO Global Youth Working Group, International Women’s Committee at the International Organization for Security, Intelligence (IOSI) and the ITU-Indonesia Concern Forum.

Apart of her international experience, she aims to improve ICT involvements in various sectors globally and envisions to take the youth empowerment agenda forward while focusing on SDGs parallel to the UN’s missions.

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