Avel Lenttan

/ Founder & CEO of Inspirering & Avel Lenttan Jewelry

A solid business manager with over 20 years of experience in tech:

digital transformation,(dotcoms, digital advertising , development of innovative tech platforms and ecommerce services )

Head of BD for EMEA or & North America for Legacy Transformation for over 8 y

IoT / Ind 4.0, Smart Technologies & IND Innovation for over 7 years – CEO EU operations and BD & Strategy of a group of over 70MIO € turnover

For over 20 years a passionate lover of Interior design and High End Jewellery. As a personal passion and hobby studied luxury jewellery markets, history and production.

Dedicated the past years to design and study a new innovation models for jewellery industry production. In 2015 launched an international contest for jewellery designers in Italy and collected over 300 projects from global market.

Past 2 years fully dedicated to build up a new innovation high end Jewellery & accessories