Halina Rosa

/ Owner of the brand Halina Rosa Design

Halina Rosa with an artistic pseudonym Rose is the owner of the brand Halina Rosa Design.
Halina is an artist, designer, author, co-author, publicist, publisher, Business Women Ambassador, Ambassador of creativity, Women with Passion 2020, folk fashion designer, promoter of the Polish Highland and Scandinavian regional culture.
She is the owner of an e-publishing company and has been awarded and became an Ambassador of Business Women Sweden 2018, 2020 for promoting entrepreneurship among women in the world and achieving outstanding business successes.
She is also a co-author of the book “BUSINESS INSPIRATIONS OF POLISH WOMEN IN THE WORLD II,” in which she shares her knowledge, inspiring others to achieve financial and personal success.
She started from zero, today enjoying the fullness of life and successfully runs her company and all this is done to show how great is our God with his benefits, which He gives us in talents and how beautiful is our roots, and tradition.
She also publishes an e-magazine DESIGNER.