Nadia Fakhro

/ المتحدثين الضيوف وأعضاء حلقة النقاش

Nadia is a holistic life coach has designed, validated and successfully implemented her own methodology of coaching- Happyology- ensuring sustainable, measurable and timely effective solutions to highlight the personality strength points and unleash self insightment of paradigm.

This Happyology methodology  finds the personal unique solution of  the happiness and achievement equation ,for individuals and teams of organization

Nadia  serves design customized coaching programs for  organizations- locally, regionally and internationally through various modes of delivering differentiated coaching services- One-on-One, Public/ In-house, On-line and  interactive workshops and sessions.

The Nadia’s Happyology Coaching Methodology leverages Nadia’s  passion for highlighting human strengths , wellbeing and brilliance .

As a  skillful researcher, comitted  facilitator, and Certified Life and Organizational Coach by both The International Coaching Federation ( ICF ), in addition to The International Academy for Training and Consulting ( IATC)  USA, and The Kingston College UK , Nadia uses tools and techniques of   Positive Psychology and Behavioral Psychology schools in addition to Neuro- linguistic programming (NLP) and Behavioral Modeling.

Happy Life Coaching Services, a Bahrain- based entity founded and managed by Coach Nadia Fakhro, provides coaching services in  line with  the Bahrain’s National Vision 2030 and United Nations Sustainable Development Goals “SDGs.