Titta Kote

/ Creator and Founder of The Happy Ambassador brand

Creator and Founder of The  Happy Ambassador brand, which is revolutionizing the way how kids learn about cultural awareness and overall wellbeing. Born from Mother’s bedtime stories, for phenomenal global concept.

The Happy Ambassador Concept is a ‘Global Early Learning & Development Concept’ in ‘Cultural Studies’ for 3-8 year olds (in English and other languages), based on the Finnish educational and pedagogical concepts. It is a edutaining concept, and have created animated fairy adventures for overall well-being and cultural awareness. From well tested service into animation world. Children learn more about sports and different cultures of the world through unique virtual experiences, multisensory approach of the concept  makes sure that children learn in their own unique ways.

  • Creator of Happy Ambassador fun learning concept for early education, based on positive psychology and child orientated pedagogy.
  • Global Ambassador for Children Right’s / FAAVM
  • The Happy Ambassador in partnership with FAAVM
  • Wall of honor 2019 / FAAVM
  • Winner, Books for Peace International Special Award 14th of September 2019, Italy Rome
  • Personal and Partner Awards / Books for Peace
  • Happy Ambassador concept is under Finnish Export Education program.
  • Presented in Bulgarian National Tv
  • Performance in Europe’s biggest cultural festival to represent Finnish children culture, Museumsuferfest Frankfurt 2014
  • Author for Happy Ambassador children books, presented in Frankfurt Book Fair 2014
  • Performances across Finland in kindergartens, children clubs, children hospitals and festivals.
  • Performances made also for Rovio Entertainment ltd.
  • Visits in numerous kindergartens in Arab Emirates and in Bulgaria.

Keynote Speaker:

  • World Anti-bullying Forum in Dublin / June 2019
  • Chosen to be one of the speakers in the worldwide conference against bullying. Title, how we can decrease bullying and increase happiness and safetyness, together with Harward qualified leader, Hanane Anoua from Morocco.
  • Speaker roles also for young entrepreneurs in different seminars and schools. Created own style to talk about entrepreneurship, through the flowers.

Believes: ”The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing would suffice to solve most of the world’s problems.” MK Gandhi  

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