Kipuwex & PainCARER

We are happy to announce that Stella Polare Boutique Events and Stella Women Around The World and Kipuwex Ltd have agreed to co-operate.

Kipuwex is an easy-to-use light weight IoT device which wirelessly and continuously measures a plurality of clinically relevant biomarkers vital to the assessment of human well-being and disease management.

The biomarkers can be monitored remotely anywhere and at any time by health care professionals and home users with a mobile application or web application.

Kipuwex measures different physiological parameters from the patient digitally, converting them with an algorithm into pain data and provides efficiently reliable measurements for healthcare professionals and home users.

More information about Kipuwex available here

PainCARER is a mobile application for pain self-assessment. The application is a tool for patients suffering from pain events. Pain records can be easily viewed and shared with healthcare professionals. It also includes a library of drug-free pain treatment methods and local treatment providers. The app is designed to be user friendly and easy to use tool for all users suffering from chronic pain.

Let’s make this World to suffer less PAIN together with Kipuwex and PainCARER ❤

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