Amal Daraghmeh Masri

/ CEO at Ougarit Group, Editor in Chief and CEO Middle East Business News and Magazine

Dr Amal Daraghmeh Masri – Has an honorary Doctorate from GODSU University-USA. Decorated by French Republic with Chevalier Legioned de Merite d’Ordre National. First Prize Winner of “Best Woman Entrepreneur in MENA”. Listed as One of Ten Global Women Entrepreneur & Leaders” by the International Council of the Small Enterprises-USA. Won the title of “Arab woman Role Model – Amal is CEO of Ougarit Group, Editor in Chief, and Founder at Middle East Business Magazine. Dr Masri holds many positions in local business organizations working for the advancement of women in Palestine and across the Arab world: these include being the head of Local Economic Council of Ramallah and AlBireh Municipalities, board member of Islamic Reporting Initiative IRI-UK, and former President of Business Women Forum & TED speaker.

Ms Masri is the President of the Business Council France-Palestine.
Regionally and internationally. She is founder and former board member of Middle East Business Women’s Network, member of the Arab International Women’s Forum–London and was on the steering committee of the Fostering Women Entrepreneurs in the ME initiative. Advisry board member at Women’s Global Leadership Initiative-Global Advisory Board (WGLI) – USA.

She is member at FIPP – World Media Network.
She is member of the Palestinian-American Chamber of Commerce. She is Honorary (and former) President of Palestine Accueil (FIAFE Paris).

She is Advisory member at the Faculty of Education of Annajah University and Advisory board at the faculty of Business and Administration at Al Quds Open University. Board member at Al Rafiq association of the graduated students.

Mrs Masri organizes and heads economic events that tackle economic issues such as unemployment. She was voted as being one of the ‘Top Ten Influential Arab Women working in Public Relations in the Arab world’ and Model Arab Woman’, regularly appears on TV and radio, in Palestine and overseas:
In 2010, she organized the 1st PR Conference in Palestine, the third of a kind regionally. she speaks at international conferences: New Arab Women’s Forum in Beirut and the Arab EU Summit in Athens, Union for the Mediterranean Spain etc.

Amal is married to Khaled Masri, her business partner. She has two daughters and one son. Amal was educated in France.

Amal thinks that It’s challenging enough to be a human being in the 21st century, but even more so when you are a woman. This factor is multiplied if you live in the Middle East, in an occupied country Palestine, where phrases such as equality, justice and equal opportunities are said to exist, as long as you are a man, that’s why she continues to work for other women, she is considered as activist in women economic rights, and was able to abolish forbidding women from testifying on land and real estates contracts, and participated in allowing women to open bank account for their children.

Ms Masri is mentor for many young entrepreneurs, women and men.

Inspirational words

One way you can succeed in such an unusual environment, in an occupied country Palestine, is to remain alert to the possibilities that can occur at any time and be willing to act upon them. Set an achievable goal for yourself, a goal that fits you and not just an image you’ve seen in the media prescribing how women should look, act or be.

Believe in what you want to be, if you wish to fly, you have to believe you have wings, and by caring positively and firmly bringing yourself and the others, you will see that you will succeed and you will fly, you can reach anywhere you desire. Always know that the secret of taking is giving.