Amileena Mwenesi

/ African singer and songwriter

Name: Amileena Mwenesi

Date of Birth: 06/03/1988

Alumni: Tusker Project Fame 4 Finalist, Crimea Festival Finalist, Out of Africa-Journey through Magical Kenya Cast
She began singing at the age of 5 and has been blessed to be singing ever since .
Her joyous personality and smiling disposition and the great love she has for singing and songwriting led her to be recognized as one of the regions fine vocalists .
Amileena began to sing professionally and write songs in 2010 after the participating  in a leading East African Singing Competition, where she was the 3rd runner up and the only girl !
Over the years she has participated in a great many musicals and related productions as well and released music singles and an album. Through this she has been blessed to have won many singer/songwriter awards .
Her strength and inspiration comes from the love of her family and friends who carry her through life.
As a child of the continent, her African heritage comes through clearly in her music and passion and she hopes it continues to inspire , educate those around her !