Dr. Asya bin Mahfooz

/ Communication, Social and Special Education Specialist

Counselor Asya Bin Mahfooz

Passionate and driven Communication specialist for the past 30 years, Counselor/ Asya Bin Mahfooz..
is a woman with a strong & a compassionate heart who reaches out for those who need it most!
She graduated as one of the 10 outstanding students in the class at Marylhurst University in the USA.
She returned to Saudi Arabia, had completed the Speech & Language Internship, and worked as a Communication, Speech & Autism therapist.
Even though she was a mother with three children, she was looking to accomplish much more… that she had to leave Saudi chasing her dreams as a saudi woman.
After years of living in USA she moved to Bahrain in 2003 with her 3 children, got her Master, became an entrepreneur, and established her business & center to help the society, (Duha Center for Communication & Social Guidance).
She carried on her journey of learning & evolving, attending many life and self-development coaching/ trainings around the world including: USA, UK, Australia, FarEast and in many Arab countries.

Every child woman and human deserve to be educated, therefore as a highly qualified specialist, she has been working closely with families, young adults, and children (children with Autism, Down syndrome, ADHD, suffering from family addiction difficulties, Communication, Social and Behavior challenges.

She believes in,

As Saudi woman, a mother, a professional & an entrepreneur, Living in different countries & being exposed to verities of cultures, she believes in Communication as a key to integration!

She believes in the uniqueness of the saudi women is still within them.. and under the women’s empowerment that is happening right now in her country they still have a lot that needs to be discovered.

Since she was little she believed she is different and that’s what encouraged her to become one of the best influencer in her family, friends and those lives she always touched.

Her principles in life,

“GIVING IS RECEIVING” and that’s what makes the community service around the world essential and important. She has been working and dedicating her life to serve those children for about 30 years with PASSION, LOVE and CARE.


  • PhD student -USA
  • Master & Postgraduate of Special Education (Autism & Intellectual Disabilities), Arabian Gulf University. Bahrain
  • Certified AUTISM TEACHER (Jeddah Autism Center). Saudi Arabia -Internship (Jeddah Institute of Speech and Hearing). Saudi Arabia
  • Bachelor of Speech & Communication. Portland State university + Marylhurst University. Oregon USA


She presented many Trainings And Workshops such as/

  • Introducing Addiction Awareness, and Detecting the Addiction Problems in Adolescents at Kafa Society.
  • A member of Masha3el Alkhair Society for Community Services.
  • Hail HADCA participant for Disability Rehabilitation, and Care coordinated with the professionals from Denmark & Spain.
  • A member at Jeddah Chamber
  • Communication Skills & Social Difficulties at Elderly Rehabilitation Center. Bahrain
  • Ohlala magazine profile to introduce, Nans Center for excellence, services for Speech, Social and Communication challenges.
  • A previous member of BBS “Bahrain Business Women Society”.
  • A previous Member of American women society Bahrain.
  • Participated through her centers in Bahrain, in Formula1 marathon for children with the disabilities. Bahrain.
  • Regular awareness events and workshops at her Centers (Duha Center for Communication Guidance and Nans for Excellence).
  • Family support groups at (Duha Center for Communication & Social Guidance- Nans for Excellence) Bahrain.
  • A guest at Bahraini T.V Show (Halaa Bahrain), for Autism and Communication awareness.
  • United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO-ITPO), Social, and Communication Rolls in serving families, and community Bahrain.
  • Presentation at BIBF inner wheel club of Bahrain. – Ahlia university workshop Bahrain. – Participant in the Marathon through her centers in Bahrain for Short distance running races for children.
  • Awareness about Communication, Autism and Social Difficulties at BBS “Bahrain Business Women Society.
  • UNIDO Entrepreneurship(United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO-ITPO) – Bahrain.
  • Hosting and holding Ala-Teen Adolescents 9-19 to help relatives & friends of alcoholics cope with the issues of alcoholism that affecting their lives.
  • Live talk, Saudi radio to introduce, Alanon service and the 12 steps program to help the families of addicts dealing with the addiction challenges.
  • A member at American Mission Hospital Bahrain for those who are affected with addiction & alcoholism since 2003.
  • Communication Challenges in teaching Autistic children for Teachers at Jeddah Autism Center.