Britta Simon

/ Certified Heartmath Professional,High Performance Coach Expert for Stress Management & Resilience Building

High Performance Coach certified by the Heartmath Institute. She is passionate about leveraging the intelligent power of the human heart for securing health, wellbeing and personal growth.

In her work she helps people to identify & to remove underlying emotions like fear, anger and frustration as the root for their health issues and the obstacles they face in their life.

After successfully overcoming her own history of PTSD and trauma she is now teaching people to establish a coherent and renewing inner state of being that leads to self regulation & empowerment and building a resilient and stress-free Self.

She specializes in resilience coaching for high level performers and she can also help people to stop emotional eating and to solve their weight problems and eating habits for good through balancing their emotions.

She originates from Germany where she spent the first 23 years of her life. After graduating from the Leipzig Graduate School of Management she moved to the Mediterranean Island of Cyprus where she enjoys life with my 18 years old daughter. Her life motto is being an example and advocate for heart based living.