Christine Henry

/ Live TV Associate Director, Artistic Producer, Creative Communicator/Advisor, Session Singer & Voiceover Artist.

Christine is a Live TV Associate Director, Artistic Producer, Creative Communicator/Advisor, Session Singer & Voiceover Artist working on Live Music Concerts, Ceremonies, Sports , Fashion Shows & Events worldwide.  With a love of music and visuals she moved to London with a dream of joining MTV Music Television in London, however she was told she would never get in.  Her moto is ‘Never say Never’ and within 2 days she was working as the Personal Assistant to the Head of MTV/Viacom.  Her next dream was to move in to live Productions however once again she was told it was difficult to crossover from business to creative production.  She always used her creative thinking to get from A to B so she used her singing voice as a way in.  She was asked to perform for the up and coming Directors training course where she performed for the first time in a TV studio.  As she went into the Studio Gallery she noticed a girl calling the music and cameras of the show and was determined to do that job.  After work she would sit for hours in the evening watching the live shows being made and learnt every aspect of live studio productions.  After 3 months, a friend advised her that the Associate Director was leaving.  She went to the head of Production and suggested she would be the perfect person to replace this person as she had been watching and studying  for 3 months.  Consequently she was given the job and became the Senior AD at MTV specialising in live shows and Music performances in the MTV London Studio and worldwide music concerts filmed by MTV.  In that time she trained with the BBC in TV Directing.  She decided to go freelance and moved to Milan, Italy  where she continued to work on events around the world.

Born in Melbourne, Australia Christine has lived in London, Belgium and currently Milan, Italy.  She travels the world working on some of the most spectacular live concerts, ceremonies, fashion shows and events which include  Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Norah Jones, The Cure, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Iggy Pop, Roger Waters The Wall, UAE National Day Ceremony, EMA’s, MTV Music Awards, London Olympics, Bahrain Police 100Y Ceremony, New Years Eve Fireworks (Burj Khalifa, Dubai) to name a few.

Alongside her passion for music, visuals & live events, in the past few years her journey led her to Bahrain in 2019 where she was Artistic Producer on the Bahrain Police 100Y Ceremony.  She fell in love with Bahrain, the people and culture and is now studying Arabic and has a special interest in Islamic Culture.  She uses her eclectic creativity in all areas of events and productions and is now focusing on working with like minded/hearted  creative people worldwide who have the same vision of co-creating to produce creative events that have a positive impact.