Eman Bahidarah

/ Moderate Saudi journalist and TV presenter

Eman Bahidarah is a moderate Saudi journalist and TV presenter.
She is a senior certified Trainer from the Canadian Training Center, with no limits for her ambitions
She, having a degree in Education, worked in the field of education, management and educational consultancy.
She conducted many successful public lectures on Self-development.
After working some time in education, management and training, there came a time when she wanted to fulfill her big dream from the childhood – to work in the media, television and radio.
After learning and getting all the skills for this new area, she became the one, who prepared the programs, plus she became the presenter on radio and television programs in all the Saudi TV- and radio stations.
With the inspiration of her great passion for the media work and with the determination to contribute her share in the developing and building her society, Eman drives her goals via media messages and trying to change the wrong impression of her country to a positive one.
She is very proud of her Saudi identity and aspires to be an honorable model for her country, and constantly strives to provide all the benefits and awareness to the Saudi society.