Heidi Solba

/ President and Head of the Global Network at Let’s Do It! World

Heidi Solba as President and Head of the Global Network, is serving today one of the fastest growing civic movements, called Lets Do It World. The network of global doers has a crazy ambition to lead in 24 hours global campaign – World Cleanup Day. With belief that everything is possible, the first task to her was to create the worldwide network with the teams with knowledge and to lead it to be part of the World Cleanup Day:  on 15th of September 2018 engaged 17.8 mio people from 157 countries in just 24 hours and on the second World Cleanup Day on 21st of September 2019 and engaged 21,18 million millions of people from 180 countries. World Cleanup Day is unique MODEL by engaging communities, a global movement can make a real change, all with one goal and one purpose – to change the way we think, act and live.

The background of the higher degrees on Environmental Protection and International Business Management and also practice to work with all sectors (private, public and non -governmental) as Human Resource Director, CSR Director, Trainee and Consultant have been raising and giving needed background to work for the big purpose of the Let’s Doers.