Mrs. Jyotika Jhalani

/ Founder of JANAVI INDIA

Founded by Jyotika Jhalani in 1998, Janavi India shares the magic of cashmere with the world.
Driven by an entrepreneurial desire, the brand began by conceiving and creating embroidered cashmere shawls for iconic European luxury houses. Today, with its own integral design ethos, savoir-faire and cutting-edge innovation, Janavi India celebrates the versatility of cashmere and enthrals with designs inspired from nature, culture and history. Today Janavi India is one of the world’s premiere house of luxury cashmere.
Our pieces are distinctive in their unique use of embroidery and embellishment on cashmere. With a strong textile heritage, we take great pride in nurturing age-old artisanal craftsmanship techniques from India with a team of 300 people, who love to do it in a way we know the best – by hand.
Our creations are sold at over 200 retail hotspots across the world including Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Lane Crawford among others. Our signature creations include accessories with cashmere shawls, stoles, home furnishings with cushions and blankets and our line for baby.
Our Founder and Creative Director Jyotika Jhalani sums it up best, “We create stories on cashmere.”
The First Lady of Cashmere
A believer in slow luxury, Jyotika Jhalani is the pioneer of high artisanal handcrafted Cashmere, with a design vocabulary of India Moderne. She nurtures the age-old crafts of India weaving magic onto the finest quality of wool. Her pieces push boundaries of savoir faire and are wearable art.
Jyotika grew up in heavenly valley of Kashmir, where she gets her inspiration from. She began her career at the World Bank and years later launched the brand from her son’s bedroom.
Her creations are a fitting expression of who she is. Strong, classic, elegant. Her energy and joie de vivre translate into her playful creations.
Jyotika creates pieces for the most enviable multi-retail stores across the world. Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in her atelier outside New Delhi.
Spiritual, a multi-multi tasker, she creates confections of pure joy. Jyotika dreams in Cashmere.