Narise Kamber

/ Bahraini entrepreneur, owner of Saffron by Jena and Jena Bakery

Bahraini entrepreneur, passionate about cooking and creating dishes, Narise Kamber owns Saffron by Jena and Jena Bakery.  She studied political science in London but opted to have a career in the culinary field. Two time winner of the Time Out restaurant Awards in 2014 and 2015, and three citifact awards  2016 and 2018,2019
She made a number of appearances in several television cooking programmes in addition to conducting Bahraini cooking lessons to visiting tourists and expatriates. Her skills led her to be nominated for the young female entrepreneur award within the Deauville Partnership with Arab countries in 2013. She was chosen as one of the ambassadors for the Bahrain pavilion in expo Milan 2015 as well as her role as cafè director and trainer for the Italian chefs who cooked the Pavilion’s Bahraini cuisine on a daily basis. She will also be part of the Dubai expo 2020 consulting chefs for Bahrain pavilion.
She is board member of  BEO (Bahrain’s entrepreneurship Organization)
She is releasing her first cookbook in December 2019.
She is a wife and mother to four children , Mahmood , Nabil , Jena and Rakan.
In her free time she loves to read, play the piano and travel.