Rasha Alajouz

/ MCIL CL Founder and Managing Director, R-School Managing Partner, LadyLingua Ltd.

Rasha Alajouz is a serial entrepreneur with a vision; she wants to see the world filled with women and youth who can walk the path to finding their WHY and reach it, safe and sound.

To that end, Rasha uses her passion for language, education, and culture-changing entrepreneurship to help kids, teens, and women go from being passionate dreamers to resilient doers, spreading their wings on their journey to making the world a better place.

Rasha looks forward to a society where those women and young people would impact communities, someday, with mindful inclusion, diversity, conscientiousness, unconventionality, and non-judgmental values forging the top-to-bottom and bottom-up business strategy of corporates, decision-makers, and policymakers alike.

With that in mind, and for over 20 years, Rasha’s work went from purpose-driven projects (www.ladylingua.org ; www.r-school.co.uk ) to inspirational, real-world podcasts (www.facebook.com/upspeak.cast ) to social initiatives (www.rschool.co.uk/raisingareader ; www.facebook.com/readerqueen ) to published books (www.englishtrain.club ; http://standingtallwithoutheels.com/ ) to mentorship advice, career coaching, and motivational support (www.rashaalajouz.com ), leaning into her moral values and leaving an impact on people’s lives and societies’ as well.

“Throughout my journey, there were many setbacks and many emotional and societal obstacles that could have hindered my progress. But I focused on the WHY: why I began this journey, and why I should continue. I reminded myself that if I can touch the life of one person, two people, ten people, then my work is worth it.”- Rasha Alajouz