Reem Bakheet

/ Founder of Future Experts Group,Eq assessor from Six Seconds organization,certified ICF coach,scuba diving instructor at SSI&PADI

Reem Bakheet is a social and educational consultant who has worked extensively since 1994 in the training and educational sectors. Reem is an Eq assessor from Six Sceonds organization, certified ICF coach, scuba diving instructor at SSI & PADI. In 2001, she established the Future Experts Group. Bakheet’s passion for the environment sparked her love for diving, yet her belief in education ‎made her a partner in the red sea conservation project Mer-Mates. And the “Trochet project” in turning trash to artistic handmade products and empowering women. These values of Bakheet are often translated into writings, a passion of hers since childhood.