Rooa Yaghmour

/ The first Saudi female gemologist

Professional jeweler and Gemologist appraiser, Rooa Mohamed Ahmed Yaghmour is a woman with a burning passion and immense love for jewelry and specifically the world of gems and gemstones. As she had this passion as a child she went ahead to ensure that this activity of learning should be a part of her, intertwined in her very core.

She was Born on the 26th of January., 1981 in the United States of America, she was born to two Saudi parents which makes her today the very first Saudi-American female gemologist with accreditations from different jewelry and gemological institutes.

Her dream to pursue her ever growing passion she worked nonstop and finally earned her master’s degree in optical mineralogy and certification in jewelry and jewelry upraising in New york city in 2003. Further after that, she didn’t hesitate to continue her path and nothing slowed her down, even if something slowed her down she would still continue on the beautifully path she has chosen to take. With her first certificate gained, Rooa went ahead in extreme intensity all to acquire her second certificate in Gem Identification and Lapidary from The gemological institute of America in Toronto, Other reputable certificates backing her outstanding years of experience are Jewelry manufacturing degree from the jewelry association In Italy.

Furthermore, Rooa graduated with a gemologist degree from Carlsbad. In 2004, Rooa became an accredited jewelry expert, she also became an accredited gem and jewelry appraiser from the American gem society in Denver. During all this time, Rooa was also building her career diligently, which has grown as she does.

Rooa’s career officially kicked off as an associate jeweler at TIFFANY New York back in early 2000, and by the year 2003, she became a sheaf gemologist and jewelry manager at MOUAWAD. With consistent hard work fueled by raw attraction for precious stones, she grew to become the head jewelry expert and assent brand manager at Fitaihi.

In the year 2005, Rooa got the opportunity to combine the two things she extreamly adored, Her passion for jewelry and her love to teach people about it gave her the opportunity be a visiting lecturer at King AbdulAziz University.

Yaghmour opened hear own jewelery manufacturing firm in 2007 supporting local jewelers and designers. As an expert in the field, She has been known to be the go-to person in the jewelry industry in The kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Furthermore, she has been awarded several international awards including excellence in gemology and was invited to be a judge in many jewelry manufacturing and designing coemptions in Saudi Arabia  and abroad.

Rooa had been featured in many interviews in television programs, magazines, newspapers and radio talks enlightening people about jewelry, gemology and the ever-evolving jewelry industry. She has also established an excellent set of jewelry collections including her first fine jewelry collection named “Fardouse”. One of her new collection that were established in 2016 are  “Eshq” and “Little Diamond”.

Furthermore, Yaghmour is currently writing her fist book about gems and jewelry. This book was influenced by many of her social followers and customers, them wanting a piece of her knowledge gave Rooa the chance to write a book  about her expertise.

As the first Saudi female gemologist Rooa is trying to implement positive changes in the jewelry industry by spreading knowledge to customers, Amateurs and professionals by holding seminars and workshops and interviews.


Little Diamond