Viola Edward

/ Transcultural psychotherapist, a breathwork mentoring lead trainer, a social entrepreneur and consultant

Her clients and colleagues call her Master Mentor and Connector. An inspirational teacher, personal and business leader, a sustainable influencer. She’s valued for her intuition, experience, integrity and creativity.

She is a transcultural psychotherapist, a breathwork mentoring lead trainer, a social entrepreneur and consultant.
She works internationally with individual and corporate clients in cross-pollination self-development, management and leadership.
Viola is
An expert in Stress Mastery and Breathwork for Recovery, Wellbeing and Mental Health.
Founder of Feminine Capital Forum, co-owner of Kayana Breathwork
Author of two books: Breathing the Rhythm of Success and Who Makes the Bed? and co-author of six more.
Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic.
Recipient of multiple awards, including a Doctorate Honoris Causa, Aspirational Woman and Outstanding Contribution to Mentoring, Viola started her working life at the age of thirteen when she emigrated from Lebanon to Venezuela. She fed her passion for development and study through home schooling, evening lessons and alternative educational pathways. For twenty-one years, she worked in small, medium and large businesses, mainly in the insurance sector. In 1993, she commenced her new career path and — following her dream and love for the human psyche — she combined her years of working experience and her knowledge of psychotherapy, meditation and breathwork to found her first company.
She emigrated again at 43 for love, and lives in Cyprus.

“I am a relational being and my deepest wish is
to share my passion and work hand in hand with you.
My motto is, “Together is Better”.