Wafa Al Qunibit

/ Artist and trainer

Wafa Al Qunibit is an artist and trainer with a master’s degree from Savannah University
(Atlanta), United States of America 2016 General (Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)
And Online Master of Business Administration, from (Columbus University)
• Has more than seven years of experience in the fields of art (carving, engraving, printing art,
metal casting).
• In addition to her expertise, Ms. Wafa trained, coached highly diversified groups in self
development, during which she gave many courses, lectures and workshops to the private and
public sectors in many Arab and Gulf countries.
• Wafa alqunibit is a member of several NGOs within and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• her mission is to combine the preservation of the environment and the beautification of roads,
buildings and neighborhoods with materials that have been recycled during the period of
Construction and building.
• Ms. Wafa received many awards internationally while in the United States.
• Many foreign newspapers wrote about the journey of Wafa Al-Qunibit as a personality who
highlighted the Arab culture and Islamic civilization.
• Wafa has planned and arranged individual and group exhibitions inside and outside the
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
• Wafa Al Qunibit aims to enhance national identity with paintings and engraving that reflect the
originality of the past and Vision 2030.
• Believes that art plays a large role in raising the sense of people of different cultures.
• Currently working on a wide scale using natural materials extracted from the ground like
minerals and rocks to create a relationship between the creator and the world around us to
represent a relationship with a different dimension.
• Seeking the participation of many artists who have an ambitious vision to express their artistic
creations and raise the level of original art in society.

Wafa Snapchat:  wafahq